Jane Gyer

Jane GyerJane Gyer was a resident of the Yosemite area for more than forty years and resided within the park for eleven years. Her professional art career spans fifty years. A veteran instructor in the knowledge of this region, her art expresses the ever-changing mood and inspirational beauty of Yosemite. Much of her life was spent in the area close to Yosemite National Park where she developed a profound love of nature that finds expression in her art. A superb draughtsman, she was at home with any medium. Simplicity, essential mood and a fine sense of design are the underlying qualities of her work.

“I strive to capture an instant in nature,” she says, “Exploring it with line and shape, pushing and pulling with color and values, eliminating and simplifying. Whether my statement is representational or abstract is not important to me. I am only concerned with developing my thoughts into a unified work of art expressing my own tenderness and love for the spiritual inspiration of nature.”

Jane has been nationally recognized with pieces in the offices of the National Park Service and institutional and private collections in this country and abroad. Jane served twice as “Artist in Residence” for Yosemite and was twice winner of the National Forest Service Director’s Award for illustrations used in interpretive publications. Jane also taught at the Wawona workshop for twelve years. Her art work is dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of the natural landscape and her ambition was to stimulate students with the spiritual basis of creativity.

Jane recently passed away on June 1, 2004, due to a lengthy illness.

Jane was a member of the Society of Western Artists, founding member of the Guild of Mountain Artists and a founding member of Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst. She also enjoyed membership with the Brumley Art Gallery and the Bass Lake and Mariposa County Arts Counsels.

*Biographical information provided by Jack Gyer.