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Raymond Museum
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The Charles Miller House

The Charles Miller House is home to the Raymond Museum located at 31956 Road 608 in the middle of downtown Raymond. The board and batten house is the first house built in Raymond and was the homestead for Charles Miller, the first agent for the Southern Pacific Railroad and the Yosemite Stage and Turnpike Company dating from Spring of 1886.

The Charles Miller House was named as a California Historic Place of Interest on April 29, 2008.

The Raymond Museum houses the original bench and sign from the 1886 rail station and the original Post Office window and boxes. Pieces of the original rails, spikes and railroad locks are also on display. The museum has many photos of Theodore Roosevelt's visit to Raymond in 1903, Raymond's many hotels and businesses dating from the 1880s, everyday life photos from the late 1880s into the 1950s, and many other photos from the area.

Picayune School

The Raymond Knowles Granite Quarry is well represented in the museum with many photographs and samples of "Sierra White", the granite used in many of the finest buildings in California.

Step back in time in the homestead kitchen and see the cream separator, the many bottles and granite ware found on the property, the old wood stove, the original kitchen hutch from the late 1880s, and the way laundry was done the good old fashioned way.

Have a picnic on the grounds, or sit on the porch and recall a much slower time or walk to the old General Store for lunch along the original path the train took to meet the stage to head up to Yosemite.

Horse races were held in Raymond in the 1940s after the train track was pulled up, and the museum has an actual video of the races through downtown.

Tools, ranch gear, mining gear, logging saws and many other types of working items are on display, all late 1880s to the early 1900s and all from the Raymond area.

Traveling through Raymond was the only way to get to Yosemite from 1886 to 1907, and all freight to camps and gold mines went through Raymond during the same time period so a visit to the Charles Miller House and the Raymond Museum will explain why "all roads lead to Raymond".

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Located 16 miles from Coarsegold between Madera and Coarsegold on the stage route to Yosemite. Follow the stage route from Raymond to Wawona and relive the earliest tourist days of Yosemite's early days.

We are open Sundays 12-4
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